SSAAHC is a nonprofit organization that came into being as a response to the threat of encroachment by development in the three African-American neighborhoods on St. Simons Island. SSAAHC is made up of African-American property owners and concerned citizens alike who care about preserving the African-American land, heritage, and culture on St. Simons, recognizing that St. Simons was built on the backs of the African-American community.

As St. Simons continues to grow, pressures from increased land speculation have caused African-American families to sell out and move off the ancestral lands where they have resided for the last 150 years. Sites and structures precious to the history and memory of the community are being torn down and built over. Bit by bit, the African-American heritage on St. Simons is being erased and African-American islanders are leaving the very community their ancestors made possible.

Structure and Dues

Our organization consists of a board of directors with a president, secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer, and various committees. Membership dues are $35/individual (regular) or $50/family (regular) and $25.00 (associate), life-time membership $500.00. General meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of each month except June.


The mission of SSAAHC is "to educate, preserve, and revitalize African-American heritage and culture." Our goals are three-fold: land-loss prevention, historic preservation, and economic development.

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