2016 Honor Roll to Complete the Interior Restoration

We express our thanks and appreciation to these Friends whose donations in 2016 provided the NEW SUPPORT we need to complete the INTERIOR RESTORATION and to open the schoolhouse for regular daily use as a cultural center where anyone can learn about Gullah Geechee communities from freedom through civil rights.

Al Hart (Ace Hardware)
Michael Addison
William Asknew
John W. Atkinson
Mrs. Charlie D. Atkinson
Patricia Cofer Barefoot
Levi Baisden
Patricia Barmeyer
Julie Bauer & Paul D. Greenberg
Chelsea Baylor
Irwin Berman
David and Paula Berry
Bluemoon Publishing
Byron and Melanie Brown
Sally Brown
Mark & Margaret Bujold
Butin Integrated Communications
Randi Campbell
Arthur and Elizabeth Clement
Elizabeth Coleman
Eugene and Gertrude R. Cuthbert
Roland Daniel Enterprise, Inc.
Dannie Davis
DeLong-Sweet Family Foundation
Todd and Patty Deveau
Judith and Robert Douglas
Christine Emde
Glen Finland
First African Baptist Church (SSI)
Frabel, inc.
Jonny Gibson
Patricia Ann Gold
Georgia Golden
Mary & Wallace Gonsalves
Gerald and Sally Gouge
Leslie and Phil Graitcer
Haas, Inc.
Sandra and Brett Harper
Todd Harvey
Diane Heinecke
Robert & Melissa Howe
Clifford and Mary Jackson
Gregory and Mavis Jaudon
Melissa Jest
Clarence H. Johnson, Jr.
John and Jane Johnson
Sandy Jones
Kelly Jordan
Cindra Jurgensen
Deanna and Tim Kovel
Wayne and Miriam Lancaster
Sue Lazar
Al Link
Deborah and Dan Luginbuhl
Frances S. Macintyre
Patricia McIntosh
Kathleen Mackay
Marcia Maguire
Elaine Mainor
Julie and Jack Martin
Julie Martin
Philip and Elaine Mason
Brian Miller (Geppetto’s, Inc.)
Mary H. Moses
Mark and Marihelen Newman
Stephen & Lucy Pittman, Jr.
Carl & Mary Schellhorn
Col. James H. Scott
Ellen Skinner
Ben Slade
William and Willou Smith
Dianne Searcy Smoot
Stephen Spears
Paul Sproul
Nancy Stanek
Jon and Audrey Stewart
St. Simons African American Heritage Coalition
James Mack Sullivan
Brent Taylor
Clinton and Marsha Terry
Watson Brown Foundation
Helen Weeks
Candace Williams
Elizabeth Wurz

Bold = Donations of $500 or more


We express our thanks and appreciation to these Friends whose donations have given us the base of support necessary to stabilize the historic school house, hire an historic preservation architect and general contractor, and begin to restore this historic building so we may save and share our island’s? African American heritage.

Toney E. Abbott
Viola V. Abbott
Louise M. Aiken
Emilie Allen
Carol Anderson
Anonymous *
Jane Asher
William Asknew*
Anne Aspinwall
John W. and Mrs. Charlie Atkinson*
Dolores Bailey
Tiffany Bailey
Donald Baker
Patricia Cofer Barefoot*
Alva Barford
Donna Bassett
Bennie’s Red Barn
Irwin Berman *
Carin Berolzheimer and Mark Farver
Philip C. and Anne Berolzheimer
David and Paula Berry
Billy Bice
Bluemoon Publishing *
Rusty Blythe
Mose & Teri Bond
Barbara Boone
Joanne Boone
Broadfield Foundation
Beau Browning
Barbara Browning
Buck Buchanan
Gloster L. Buchanan
Cecia M. Buchanan
Larry & Regina Burns
Leslie Callahan
Jack and Kay Cantrell
Lucy Carroll
Shaun Carroll
Barbara Carter
Cassina Garden Club
Peggy & Jim Chamberlin
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cheshire, III
Chicago Community Foundation
Donna Chrivia
Carol Clark
Thomas E. Clarke, Jr.
Arthur and Elizabeth Clement
Coastal Barrier Island Foundation
Ruthie Cobb
Sara Cody
Elizabeth Coleman*
Joanne Cook
Marjorie Cooper
Scott and Ann Cown
William & Velma Crosby
Greg Culverhouse
Richard & Jan Cufforth
Greg Cutforth
Jeanne Cyriaque
Bruce Davis
Dannie Davis
Deanna Davis
Geraldine Davis
Griffin Davis
Lisa and Mason Day
Nancy and Kenneth Day
John & Audrey DeBruhl
Elaine DeNiro
Todd and Patty Deveau *
BriAnne Dixon
Ella Douglas
Mary and Wallace Dunea
Susan Durkes
eBay Foundation (GIVE)
Dr. Charles Edwards, Brig. Gen, Retired
Dan Elliott
Sally Essig
F. Larry Evans
Nancy and Kenneth Evans
Glen Finland*
First African Baptist Church, St. Simons Island
Melvin & Karla Fishman
Consuelo Floyd
J’Neil Ford
Elizabeth A. Fowler
Lillie Frazier
Darryl Fredrick, Sr.
Jane Fraser Fulcher
G. J Ford Bookstore
Carl & Sarah Gable
Carol Gannon
Jim Garner
Patricia Garrison
Don Gentile
GA Trust for Historic Preservation
Patricia Giblin
Rosemary Giblin
Berthenia Gibson
Jonny and Jane Girson
Louis B. Glendenning, Jr.
Karin Glendenning
Patricia Gold *
Georgia Golden
Golden Isles Archeological Society
Mary & Wallace Gonsalves *
Rawson and Janet Gordon
Gerald & Sally Gouge
Philip and Leslie Graitcer
Robert Griffin
H2O Creative Design Group
Missy Hall
Thomas Hallock
Bill Hardison Insurance
Hardwick Insurance
Brent and Sally Harper
Susan Harrington
Marhorie Harris
Tony & Geraldine Heard
Diane Heinecke
Lee Hendrickson
Jesse Henderson
Jessie Hendrix
Cecilia Anita McNear Hicks
Tommy Hill
Antaysha Ny’Kia Hollinshead
Greg & Semona Holmes
Bill Hooker
Charles M. Hughes Fund (NTHP)
Ronald Hughes, Sr.
Andrew & Merial Hunter
Marcie Hunter
Isadora Hunter
Imagine That Toys
Suzanne Ingram
Betty Ann Inman
Edith S. Jackmon-Hunter
Clifford and Mary Jackson
Gregory and Mavis Jaudon
Mariam Jenkins
Isaac Johnson, Jr.
John and Jane Johnson *
Mike & Phoebe Johnson, Jr.
Regina & Larry Johnson
Garland and Earnestine Jordan
Cindra Jurgensen *
Barbara Kaines
Deanna Kavel
Audrey Kelly
Alice and Tim Keyes
Kevin and Aidine Kiernan
Merle Kimbrell
Jonathan and Diane Klawitter
Deanna and Tim Kavel *
Diane Knight
Tony & Sarah Kreimborg
Berkley and Carol Laite
Chris Lambert
Joseph & Mary Langlais
William & Gloria Lawrence
Sue Lazar*
Cynthia Lee
Ira & Libby Levy
Rozzie Lewis
Lord Aeck & Sargent
Al Link *
Donna F. Livingston
Alan Lomax Family
Dede Long
Judith Longfield
Lord Aeck and Sargent
Griffin Lotson
Zack Lyde
Elizabeth A. Lyon
Frances & D. Sheffield MacIntyre
Marcia Maguire *
Elaine Mainor
Julie Martin
Philip and Elaine Mason
Brigette Mathues
Mark & Carmie McDonald
Lucille McNear
Jamie and Jerry Merwin
Brian Miller
John Mitchener
June Monroe
Jackie Moore
Natalie Moore
Emily Moran
Angela Morrell
Francine and Doug Morrison
Margaret Musselmen
National Trust for Historic Preservation
(Charles M Hughes Fnd)
Mark and Marihelen Newman *
Peggy Newman
Robert L. Oplinger
Jim Orser
Paul Ortiz
Christine Osbourne and Schnookie
Albert and Gwen Ottenberg
Vanessa Parker
Melanie Pavich
Charles Penland
York and Vicki Phillips
Stephen, Jr. & Lucy Pittman *
Wilfred Platz
Annie Polite
Gloria Smith Ramsaur
Boisey A. Ramsey
James and Nancy Reed
Louise Rhaney
Arthur and Elizabeth Richardson
Constance M. Riley
George Riley
Risley HS Class of 1958
Amy Roberts
Charles and Mary Robinson
Lisa Rodrigues
Cesar and Janis Rodriguez
Rodriguez Klein Group
Emory A. Rooks
Clifford & Carol Rountree
Jane Royal
Anita Elise Rymer*
St. Simons African American Heritage Coalition
Carl & Mary Schellhorn *
Willis & Willenor Sheftall
Bradley Scott
Colonel, James H. & Angelyn Scott, USAF Retired
John and Alice Selman
Annette Shakespeare
Randy Sharian
William Sheftall
Joan Shellito
Susan Shipman
Beth Shorthouse and Dan Croskey
Randy Siegel
Ellen Skinner*
Clyde and Susan Smith
Dean Day Dubose Smith
Judy & Robert Smith
Idanna Smith
William and Willou Smith
Dianne Searcy Smoot*
Virginia I. Snider
Eloise Spears
Stephen Spears*
Otheler Speakman
Specialty Toys Network
Nancy Stanek
Benjamin M. and Judith Stevens
Audrey Stewart
John and Audrey Stewart*
Barbara Stewart
Linda and Jay Stewart
Nancy Stewart
Angela & Ellis Streeter
Gordon Strother
James Mack Sullivan
John Sullivan
Royce Sullivan
Brent Taylor*
Kenneth and Denise Taylor
Clinton and Marsha Terry *
Terril Thomas Foundation
Trustees, Ga Trust for Historic Preservation
Susan Turner
Ronald and Barbara Upshaw
Lois Vogelmann
Argean Vokes
William and Barbara Weaver
Lisa and Mason White
Carolyn Whitefield
Maurice Wilson, Sr.
Verel Wilson
Anna Lomax Wood
Wonder Works
Delores Woodward
Elizabeth and Krista Wurz*
Frances Zwenig
Dan Zynda

Bold = Donations of $500 or more
*= New Donations for 2016 Interior Campaign