Why Start at the Top?

Why Start at the Top? Restoration is not the same as re-building. You must stop the deterioration so you can save, or preserve, as much of the original structure as possible. The original materials and methods -- even with age -- are what give the structure its character, its uniqueness and its historical personality. It reminds the students of the place where they studied. It lets you, a visitor, know that this is a special place. That special place must stay dry so we started at the Harrington Graded School by replacing the damaged roof to stop rain and debris from entering the schoolhouse.

  • Now that we have a roof over our heads – so to speak
    we can begin work on the rest of the schoolhouse:
      [  ] - Shoring up the foundation and brick piers
      [  ] - Repairing termite damaged walls
      [  ] - Replacing historic windows and “breeze windows”
      [  ] - Repairing doors
      [  ] - Returning chairs, desks, blackboards, pot bellied stove, and vintage piano
      [  ] - Recalling the stories, songs, and lessons taught in this one room schoolhouse
  • We can proceed only with your help.

    OUR MISSION is to open the school in September 2013 as a museum and historic site about our island’s Gullah Geechee heritage and a community center and focal point for the 13-acre Harrington Community Park.

    We can succeed thanks to your support. OUR GOAL: $ 325,000

    For more information on how you can help, go to www.ssiheritagecoalition.org, or call us at 912-634-0330.

    The Friends of Harrington School, Inc, is 501-c-3 nonprofit organization and your donations are tax-deductible.